The 5e Player Screen - A player aid for neurodiverse and inexperienced players alike!

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Take some of the stress off both you and your DM! Designed by a neurodivergent DM to help players of all abilities and experience. DMs get a screen, so why shouldn't players have something to help them remember what they can do?

From both sides of the DM screen, it makes life easier if everyone can see the rules quickly and easily - no flipping through a bulky Player Handbook!

The screens are low profile - they stand only 15cm high, so they can be unobtrusive at the table. Players can roll over or beside the screen with ease, and their rolls won't be hidden from the DM.

It's just like a proper DM screen in weight and quality, made with a sturdy 2.8mm chipboard & UV printed with a laminated coating!

  • The left-hand panel features the things you can do on your turn, and a reminder to TRY ANYTHING! - It's a collaborative game, the DM has the last say, but the sky is the limit!
  • The center panel has the experience points/level up table, Death Saves and how they work, as well as Darkvision, Currency Conversion, and Exhaustion.
  • The right-hand panel has a list of conditions and how they apply to you - Poisoned/Petrified/Invisible etc.

All screens include a velvet-style carrying bag, printed with Brian The Brainbeast - the Brainbeast Studios Mascot, as well as a custom Brainbeast Studios d20 die.