7/13/2024, 3 pm - Disney Lorcana: Ursula's Return Championship

Step into a magical showdown at Bards & Cards with our Ursula’s Return Championship! This premier Disney Lorcana event will challenge players to compete using their best decks in a series of best-of-three Swiss rounds, with a cut to top 4 for fabulous prizes. Prepare your tournament-legal deck, submit your decklist to events@bardsandcards.com , and vie for the title of Champion with exclusive Disney Lorcana prizes up for grabs.



1 Store Champion Playmat

1 Ursula – Sea Witch Queen promo card


1 Ursula – Sea Witch Queen Playmat (non-champion version)

1 Ursula – Sea Witch Queen promo card

Third and Fourth Place:

1 Ursula – Sea Witch Queen promo card each

Participation: Each player receives a pack just for participating.

Per Win: Earn additional packs for each victory.

Get ready for an enchanting day of strategy and fun at our Ursula’s Return Championship. Don’t miss your chance to compete in this thrilling event and possibly walk away with fabulous prizes!

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