7/18/2024, 6 pm - Star Wars: Unlimited Shadows of the Galaxy Draft Night

Join us at Bards & Cards for a thrilling draft night featuring the newly released Star Wars: Unlimited - Shadows of the Galaxy set. Dive into the galaxy far, far away and draft a deck from the latest cards. This event is perfect for players looking to explore new strategies and add some exciting cards to their collection.


Participation: Each player will receive a Set 2 promo pack just for joining.

Pack Per Win: Earn additional booster packs for every match you win during the event.

Additional Goodies: Depending on availability, other surprises may await!

Sharpen your drafting skills and enjoy an evening of competitive fun and camaraderie. Whether you’re a seasoned drafter or new to the format, everyone has a chance to win something great!

Only 9 left!


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