7/19/2024 6 pm - Outlaws of Thunder Junction Standard Showdown


Ready your decks and prepare for an exciting evening of Magic: The Gathering at Bards & Cards with our special Standard Showdown for the Outlaws of Thunder Junction set. This event is your chance to compete using the latest Standard decks and win exclusive Foil Omenpath Lands!


Exclusive Foil Omenpath Lands: We’re giving away 4 copies of each Omenpath Land! Showcase your skills and you could walk away with these stunning cards.

Additional Promos: Based on attendance, we have other surprises and promos in store, including special items if we have 8 or more players!

Join us for an evening of strategic gameplay and the chance to add some exclusive cards to your collection. Whether you’re fine-tuning a competitive deck or just looking for a fun night of Magic, this event is not to be missed!

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