7/26/2024 6 pm - Comic-Con Special: Bloomburrow Sealed Deck Prerelease


Celebrate Comic-Con with a magical journey into the world of Bloomburrow at Bards & Cards! Join us on Friday, July 26th, for our Bloomburrow Sealed Deck Prerelease. This enchanting event coincides with Comic-Con, making it the perfect escape into a realm where tiny anthropomorphic animals embark on grand adventures.

Participants will receive prerelease kits with six Play Boosters and other goodies to construct their decks, featuring the charming and clever inhabitants of Bloomburrow like the heroic mouse Mabel and Glarb, the King of Frogfolk. Immerse yourself in this delightful world, where each creature, from squirrels to rabbits, brings unique magic and courage to the table.


Everyone receives at least one pack just for participating.

Additional packs awarded per win, enhancing the casual, but competitive, fun.

This event is an ideal Comic-Con detour for fans and players looking for a break from the convention floor. Engage in friendly competition, discover the newest set before it hits the shelves, and enjoy a night filled with storytelling and strategic gameplay.

Don’t miss this chance to kick off your Comic-Con weekend with a dose of Magic: The Gathering fun. Join us at Bards & Cards and dive into the whimsical world of Bloomburrow!

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