Pasión de las Pasiones: Complete Drama Bundle

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Immerse yourself fully in the gripping world of telenovelas with the "Pasión de las Pasiones: Complete Drama Bundle". This comprehensive set includes the 6" x 9" Pasión de las Pasiones Core Rulebook with full-color interior artwork, 6 playbooks, 4 playsets, GM materials, and a free PDF via DriveThruRPG. This core rulebook will guide you in creating passionate, dramatic, and thrilling narratives filled with secrets, conflicts, and heated confrontations.

The bundle also features the Supporting Cast Deck - a set of 54 unique NPC cards. Each card comes with a character portrait, mechanics, and usage guidance, allowing you to effortlessly populate your telenovela with a wide array of engaging characters.

Bundle Contents:

  1. Pasión de las Pasiones - Core Book (Hardcover)
  2. Supporting Cast Deck

Note: This bundle offers everything you need to start playing Pasión de las Pasiones right away!