Venn Board Game

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Bring fun, creativity, and competition to your game night with the award-winning Venn Board Game. Venn is a unique image and word association game that prompts players to communicate clues by strategically placing abstract images into overlapping circles. This game offers a cooperative gameplay mode for 2+ players, or a competitive mode for 4+ players, catering to all types of game night dynamics.

In Venn, the clue giver in each team places their image cards on the overlapping circles that best match the word they've been assigned. The more the image card matches the clue words, the deeper it goes into the overlapping circles, signaling stronger associations to your teammates. When guessers think they know the words, they shout "VENN" and present their guess. Earn points based on correct answers and celebrate the joy of successful teamwork or competitive triumph!

Venn is a fantastic gift for family and friends, promising endless replay opportunities due to its unique gameplay nature. It includes 6 colorful circles, 100 double-sided art cards, 50 double-sided word cards, 100 number cards, a scoreboard, team scoring markers, number card holders, and a rulebook. Enjoy this exciting game of creativity and association in just 20-30 minutes!