2023 Quest Calendar: The Voidspark Chronicles

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A solo sci-fi RPG built into a desktop calendar. Choose one of 6 heroes to go on a campaign that lasts throughout the year.

Choose how you want to take on the daily challenge.  Roll classic RPG dice (7 polyhedral dice) and add your hero's abilities to fight the monster, open the chest, get past guards, etc.

The Zorian empire was toppled in a failed rebellion that left all sides decimated. The power vacuum caused anyone with ambition to clamor for their piece of the leftovers. Some just want to sail the void in peace.

You’re hired aboard the Karnack, a class three exploration vessel, for a few simple jobs. Recover an asteroid, exterminate space parasites, defend the ship from pirates, and make a few repairs. You soon discover that the evil Zorian empire isn’t truly gone. A small remnant of loyal officers plot to complete a weapon that can help them regain power.

Hire a crew, grow in skill, and find powerful pieces of equipment to help you save the galaxy. Play a couple minutes each day over the year and get your daily fix of dice-rolling, space fantasy fun in this role-playing Quest Calendar. 

Pick up the Hero Book Accessory to enhance your experience!