Coyote & Crow - A Science Fantasy RPG Set in an Uncolonized Future

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Coyote and Crow is a tabletop role playing game set in an alternate future of the Americas where colonization never occurred. Instead, advanced civilizations arose over hundreds of years after a massive climate disaster changed the history of the planet. You'll play as adventurers starting out in the city of Cahokia, a bustling, diverse metropolis along the Mississippi River. It's a world of science and spirituality where the future of technology and legends of the past will collide.

The game is created and led by a team of Native Americans representing more than a dozen tribes, and they've built a game that both Natives and non-Natives alike will love to explore and build upon.

  • A unique, fresh take on classic fantasy and science fiction role playing
  • Breathtaking art from dozens of Native artists
  • A new dice system created just for this game, using only d12s
  • A rule system that doesn’t focus on violence as the first option for story resolution.