Sidequest Decks: Arcane Academy

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The Sidequest Deck: Arcane Academy has adventure outlines and maps for fantasy with some necromancy, cults, or undead involved, suited for games where:

You’re running a Mage School centered campaign.
You have a mage character in your group who needs a fill-in one-shot adventure.
The party needs to do some research on an item, prophecy, etc.

Some of the adventures have a pre-teen/teenager theme (bullies & hijinks), but these aspects can be minimized and many adventures have none of that. This particular deck has an entire magic school map by Glynn Seal of Monkey Blood Design. One card has a very small version of the entire school, and most other cards show a section of the school in more detail. A few cards’ maps show areas not part of the main building (an outdoor race area, a village nearby, a dungeon below, etc.)

Sidequest Decks, they are card decks where every card is its own mini-adventure. One side is the main map area (use other cards if you need more maps–each deck is bound to have an inn, village, city, mini-dungeon, etc.), while the other side has an adventure outline. The outline starts with a sentence or two of background info for the GM, then usually two story hooks to get the adventure started, followed by several encounter ideas (don’t have to use them all, and written as non-linearly as possible), and finally one or two follow-up ideas.