X-Wing 2nd Edition: T-70 X-Wing

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Join the Resistance with the 'X-Wing 2nd Edition: T-70 X-Wing' Expansion Pack, a beacon of versatility and heroism. The Incom-FreiTek T-70 X-wing, a step up from its predecessor, is designed to accommodate a vast array of astromechs, weapons, and other customizations to suit the unique style of each pilot. This pack includes a stunning, pre-painted miniature of the T-70 X-wing, renowned for its pivotal role in numerous skirmishes against the First Order. Dive into strategic depth with twelve ship cards featuring nine unique pilots, including fan-favorites like Poe Dameron and Ello Asty. With six upgrade cards, including the innovative Integrated S-foils and the nimble BB-8 astromech, you can tailor your ship to match any battle scenario. The expansion also introduces new cards not found in the first edition, providing fresh tactics and challenges. Complete with all necessary tokens, base, pegs, and maneuver dial, this pack is an essential addition for any Resistance commander looking to expand their fleet or step into the cockpit for the first time.