Lorcana Magical Saturday League: Dive into Our Disney-Inspired Journey!

Lorcana Magical Saturday League: Dive into Our Disney-Inspired Journey!

Jarin Udom


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Hello to all the magical beings and Lorcana lovers!

With every turn of the page, a new adventure awaits, and this time it's sprinkled with the enchantment of Disney and the strategy of Lorcana. We're thrilled to introduce our newest 12-week saga: the Lorcana Magical Saturday League, running from September 9th to November 25th! Ready to embark on this spellbinding journey?

The Heart of the Magic:

This league is more than just a game. It's about community, storytelling, and finding that perfect balance between strategy and fun. Whether you're a seasoned player or someone who's just starting to feel the magic of Lorcana, our doors are wide open to welcome you.

Journey Mechanics: How It All Works

  • Entry and Availability: As we strive to offer the best experience for everyone, we have limited spots available. So, only 25 enchanted spots are up for grabs each round! An entry fee of $5 will ensure your place in this magical gathering.

  • Gathering Points: Just like in any Disney story, there's always something to strive for. In our league, it's points! They're your passport to a world of magical rewards. Here's how you can gather this pixie dust:

    • Show Up & Shine: Earn 1 point simply for gracing our league with your presence.
    • Engage in Magical Duels: Every best 2 out of 3 match you play will fetch you points. While a loss gives you 1 point, a win will add 2 points to your tally.
    • Teach and Be Taught: Earn points for guiding a fellow enthusiast through the enchanting world of Lorcana.
    • Summon a New Ally: Introduce a new player to our realm and be rewarded with points.
    • Themed Deck Challenges: Assemble decks with a touch of Disney or adorn Disney-inspired attires to add more points to your collection.
  • Play Styles: Our league is all about casual constructed play. Whether you're armed with a starter deck or have woven your own with a set of cards, we invite you to the table.

  • Rewards, Rewards, and More Rewards: At the end of our league's season, the player with the highest points will be awarded a special prize. But the magic doesn't stop there. For all those who manage to gather a minimum of 3 points in each 4-week round and 8 points over the season, an assortment of prizes will be given out at random. So everyone stands a chance to win!

The Treasure Trove: Prizes Galore!

  • Promo Cards: These are unique, foil versions of "The First Chapter" cards, ensuring you have a collector's gem in your hand.

  • Pins: We've blended the magic of Disney with Lorcana, resulting in three magnificent pin designs, from classic to the vibrant depictions of beloved characters.

  • Lore Tracker: A tangible way to monitor your Lore, this beautifully crafted cardboard wheel is both handy and exquisite.

Setting Sail on this Magical Voyage:

So how do you start? Simple. Walk into our store on any Saturday during the league duration between 2 pm and 8 pm. Whether you've been playing Lorcana for ages or just discovered it, there's always someone here ready to guide, teach, or challenge you in a friendly duel.

The Magical Conclusion:

The Lorcana Magical Saturday League is not just a gathering; it's an experience. It's where Disney meets strategy, where stories are crafted, and where memories are made. So, gather your cards, summon your allies, and let's weave a story together.

Have queries or wish to share your enchanting experiences with us? Reach out! Here's to making every Saturday truly magical.