Gloom (Second Edition)

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Gloom at a Glance

  • In Gloom you make your family miserable while heaping happiness on your opponents.
  • Featured on Tabletop with Wil Wheaton, with more than 300,000 games in print.
  • Its dark Victorian flavor is a fan favorite, while transparent plastic cards make point calculations easy.

Misery Loves Company: The World of Gloom

When your family is made up of serial killers, crazed circus folk, and demonically possessed sociopaths, misery comes easy. In Gloom, players control these misanthropic misfits. The goal? To make your characters as miserable as possible before allowing them the sweet respite of death. Along the way you'll make other players' characters horribly happy. Players narrate their characters' misfortunes and mishaps, creating unique stories of suffering in each game. May the most miserable soul win!