Cantrip Candles (16 oz Glass Candle)

Cantrip Candles

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Cantrip Candles are 100% soy candles designed for use with tabletop games and adventures. Shop a range of fragrances spanning a variety of fantasy settings, including lush forest, thieves' den, a wizard's library full of old tomes, a dark dungeon, an abandoned monastery, a lively tavern, and more!

This 16oz candle has nearly 3 times more wax than our standard size and are double wicked for a clean, even burn. Each large candle includes a metallic d20 dice INSIDE THE CANDLE that feels absolutely magnificent to roll. The candle's burn time is approximately 60 hours and is capable of filling a large area. To top it all off, they cast a romantic glow on the table as the flame flickers through beautiful glass.

Made with 100% Soy Wax and poured in small batches.

Scents include:

Adventurer's Emporium - Musky, Warm, Spiced. Notes: Polished Leather, Tobacco & Clove, Crushed Amber. The Adventurer's Emporium is renowned for its masterwork weapons and wares. Their armors will impress even the most battle-hardened heroes and come wrapped in fine silks and spices. Animal companions are welcome, and there's free wi-fi!

A Walk in the Woods - Subtle, Airy, Nostalgic. Notes: Pine, Sandalwood. As twigs and branches snap under your feet, sunlight scatters through the swaying pine trees above. A breeze carries with it the scent of fallen leaves and moist soil. Better keep moving; the camp is still miles ahead.

Black Hound Tavern - Sweet, Dry, Rich, Smokey. Notes: Whiskey, Firewood. The Black Hound Tavern is a dark and cozy spot that’s perfect for anyone who fancies a bit of quiet. What they lack in conversation they make up for with strong drink. The smell of barrel-aged whiskey permeates the room. The warm, crackling fireplace makes for the ideal spot to sit and enjoy one of the many stiff brews the tavern has to offer. Just remember to tip the barkeep well.

Brinewater Tides - Light, Airy, Perfumed. Notes: Kelp & Ozone, Salt Water, Cedarwood. The rise and fall of waves against the wooden hull is almost hypnotic. Each salt-soaked breeze fills the battered sails. Above you an endless cloudy sky, below you a deep, dark mystery. Trust your instincts and pray for fair weather.

Coffee Shoppe - Rich, Sweet, Roasted. Notes: Roasted Coffee, Chocolate, Cream. The old wooden door swings open with a gentle chime, welcoming another customer. Soft acoustic music accompanies the sweet, rich flavors wafting through the air. Sit, relax, and enjoy the simple things in life.

Den of Thieves - Deep, Smokey, Intoxicating. Notes: Smoke, Red Wine, Aged Leather. Slim hooded figures gather in a hazy, dimly lit cellar. Soft whispers speak in a mysterious tongue, careful of prying ears. Fine wines and stolen jewels decorate the room, like trophies from a hunt. One of the figures pulls something from their cloak- a coin purse, or a sharpened blade?

Dungeon Depths - Dank, Musty, Silt. Notes: Dust, Stone, Water. Miles of winding tunnels and passageways form a network of danger and mystery. Torches smolder and flicker against the damp cavern walls as you get closer to your destination… or perhaps your doom. An eerie wind seems to blow from behind you, slowly urging you further and further into the darkness.

Figwood Orchard - Mysterious, Verdant, Umbral. Notes: Figs, Pears, Mushrooms. Figwood Orchard boasts the most spectacular display of blossoming flowers and fruits during the springtime. The rolling acres are speckled with estates and farmsteads serving as countryside respites for nobility from neighboring cities.

Goldwheat Bakery - Vivid, Dry, Deep. Notes: Yeast, Bread, Flour. Any citizen can guarantee to wake up to the wonderful smell of baked bread coming from Goldwheat Bakery. Rising before the sun, the bakers work to create the most crisp and fresh goods to sell. Flour sifts through the air, twinkling in the sunlight through the window. As you peruse the selection of breads, be sure to note the delicate pastries designed to look like little monsters. The fragrance oil used in Goldwheat Bakery will occasionally tarnish the inner layer of the container. The effect is completely harmless and does not alter the scent, but we just thought we'd keep you informed.

Hithmari High Desert - Open-air, Relaxing & Arid Notes: Sagebrush, Red Clay & Cactus. As I continue my search for the elusive Sovereign Roc, the weather proves indecisive with scorching days and frigid nights. Though the journey is lonely, I am comforted by the array of breathtaking vistas and alien rock formations!

House of the Witch - Tangy, Rustic, Bittersweet. Notes: Blood Orange, Patchouli, Tonka. Ignoring the warnings of the villagers and the sinking feeling in your gut, you approach the stilted house in the dead of night. With an offering of fruits and spices, you hope the witch is home... and in a good mood.

Jungles of Makal - Humid, Loamy, Primal. Notes: Undergrowth & Petrichor. I had no idea how sprawling the jungles would be! The humid labyrinth of trees and vines is filled with dangerous and beautiful creatures. Somewhere within this maze lies an ancient temple filled with treasure. I will be the one to find it!

Mountaintop - Fresh, Layered, Bright. Notes: Frosted Spruce, Copal Resin, Coal. The air is crisp and cold at this altitude. Frozen flakes of snow brush past your cheeks, carried by the howling wind. Plumes of chimney smoke mark the village far below as storm clouds gather atop the icy summit.

Realm of Shadows - Seductive, Umbral, Sophisticated. Notes: Pomegranate, Star Anise, Wet Slate. Evil has a way of pulling one in, so be wary of places where the veil is thin. A graveyard stroll may take its toll, and one may not see the light again. Shadows and darkness offer promises of power, but only after one's soul is devoured.

Sanctuary - Bright, Fragrant, Spicy. Notes: Ginger, Incense, Saffron. Hymns ring through the halls as plumes of incense drift upwards towards the heavens. The stained-glass windows cast dancing prisms on the marble. A young paladin kneels in prayer, clutching her holy symbol. The presence of the divines surrounds you. Peace. The Sanctuary candle sometimes hardens with a slight blue-green tint to the wax. This is caused by a reaction with one of the oils! It's harmless, and quite frankly, looks a little magical.

Selenite Outpost - Dry, Spiced & Refreshing Notes: Palo Santo, Moroccan Mint & Curry. An isolated bastion of commerce, Selenite Outpost offers refreshing tea and hospitality for travelers in need of a respite. Built over large underground mines, the outpost exports arcane components that are used across the world. 

Stonemoss Chapel - Damp, Herbal, Fresh. Notes: moss, stone, soil. Before the town was founded, a band of clerics built a small chapel for their rituals and prayers. The passage of time has left it wild and overgrown, but there is still beauty to it. The babbling stream that trickles nearby provides a serene place to gather one's thoughts. Mind the slippery stones, though.

Summerplains - Lush, Verdant, Fresh. Notes: Orange Blossom, Freshly Cut Grass, Hemp. Stretching for miles in all directions, densely vegetated grasslands make up two-thirds of the realm's landscape. Travelers through the countryside often pause to enjoy the breathtaking views, sunshine, and sweet-smelling winds.

The Library Scriptorium - Dry, Cozy, Warm. Notes: Parchment, Aged Wood, Leather. Muffled whispers and scratching quills are heard in this hall of knowledge. Wooden shelves house centuries worth of history. Spellbooks, bardic tales, and poetry are wrapped in leather bindings and perfectly arranged. Shh... be quiet!