Holotype + Pterosaur Expansion Bundle (T-Rex Cover Edition)

Experience the ultimate paleontology adventure with the Holotype: Mesozoic North America Board Game and Pterosaur Mini-Expansion Bundle! Uncover the secrets of North America's Mesozoic era while exploring the world of dinosaurs, marine reptiles, and now flying reptiles. This engaging and educational bundle is perfect for 2-5 players who want to test their strategy skills and dive deep into the prehistoric world.

Holotype: Mesozoic North America features 60 unique dinosaur and marine reptile specimens, three specialized worker pieces, and variable objectives that ensure countless hours of replayability. The Pterosaur Mini-Expansion adds flying reptiles, new objectives, Field Expeditions, and Trace Fossils to your base game, as well as the innovative "Recall" Milestone, providing an extra layer of strategy and complexity. Immerse yourself in the scientifically accurate and thrilling world of paleontology with this must-have bundle!

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