Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window Mystery Game

Step into the world of suspense and intrigue with Signature Games' Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window Game. A collaborative mystery game inspired by the iconic 1954 Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, it offers an immersive experience as players don the roles of the film's central characters - L.B. Jefferies, Lisa Fremont, Stella, and Detective Thomas Doyle. With one player personifying Alfred Hitchcock himself, setting enigmatic clues in apartment windows, the stage is set for an exciting challenge. But remember, you don't want the suspected murderer to notice you're watching! Ideal for 3-5 players, ages 13 and up, this noir-themed game measures approximately 10.5 inches in height and width. It includes a Director Screen, Watcher Screen, 4 Day Boards, a Solution Board, 4 Watcher Placards, 70 Window Cards, 102 Tiles, 45 Tokens, a Trunk Box, 4 Wooden Cubes, and detailed Instructions. Plunge into this captivating mystery game, where teamwork and your detective skills are the keys to success.

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