All Game Terrain Water - Water Effects

Use Water Effects® to create movement of water or apply on your miniature. This product is moldable, holds its shape, dries clear and remains flexible. It is also great for creating winter effects like icicles and thick layers of snow on your terrain feature, miniature base or gaming mat. Water Effects is water soluble and non-toxic.


4 fl oz (118 mL)


All Game Terrain™ materials are designed for use with a variety of different commercially available miniatures and terrain pieces from other brands and companies such as Reaper Miniatures™, Dungeons & Dragons®, Pathfinder, WizKids®, Warhammer®, Games Workshop®, Citadel™ Miniatures, Vanguard Miniatures, Hero Forge® and more. All Game Terrain is not affiliated with any of these other brands or companies.

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