All That Glitters is Palladium


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A short history of Palladium Books in a 24 page zine.

Founded in 1981, Palladium Books is one of the weirdest tabletop RPG publishers, which is really saying something.
* Coverage of 15 different Palladium RPGs and the entire Palladium Books Megaverse!
* 5 humorous lists of amusing elements of Palladium’s games.
* A detailed explanation of the Megaversal RPG system and its general strangeness.
* A discussion of Palladium’s production values, including parental warnings, formatting, writing style, and art!
* A detailed discussion of Rifts!
* The Robotech RPG Tactics Debacle!

This is a 24-page zine, hand-assembled in an 8.5" x 5.5" format.