Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG 4th Ed: Adventures

Carousel Obscura” is a two-part mystery and action-adventure scenario for BESM Fourth Edition. The story takes place across two linked worlds: the modern-day, ordinary world of Molybdos and the magical fantasy world of Magenta. On Molybdos, the characters are normal college students without any notable powers. When they travel to Magenta, though, their special natures are unlocked, and they gain supernatural abilities.

This scenario is ideal for 4 to 6 players at two distinct power levels – Human (40 Character Points) on Molybdos and Heroic (90 Character Points) on Magenta. As the GM, you will guide the characters through a series of trials and challenges as they seek to learn more about the two worlds and their destiny within. All this, while they discover that the veil between connected worlds may be weakening.

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