Canvas - Finishing Touches Expansion (Deluxe Edition)

Elevate your Canvas experience with the "Canvas - Finishing Touches Expansion (Deluxe Edition)." This expansion introduces a new dimension of competitive interaction and artistic flair to the already beloved Canvas board game. It's a must-have for fans looking to enhance their gameplay with fresh challenges and elements.

*Note: This expansion requires the Canvas base game to play.

In this deluxe expansion, you'll find 30 Transparent Art Cards, adding to your repertoire of artistic elements. The Game Board Extension broadens your canvas, allowing for more strategic plays. The 4 new frames add an extra layer of competition, as players vie to create the most visually stunning pieces.

Also included are 8 Scoring Cards and 7 Background Cards, which provide new objectives and backgrounds for your creations. The 15 Sleeves and 15 Platinum Ribbon Tokens add a touch of elegance to your game, while the Score Pad keeps track of your artistic achievements.

The Deluxe Edition enhances your experience further with exclusive content. This includes 10 additional Transparent Art Cards, offering more variety and creative possibilities. The 12 Painter Cards introduce new characters and abilities, while the 5 Signature Style Cards add unique personal touches to your paintings. The 15 Wood Platinum Ribbons provide a tactile and premium feel to the game, and 12 more Sleeves ensure all your new cards are protected.

"Canvas - Finishing Touches Expansion (Deluxe Edition)" is not just an expansion; it's an invitation to explore new artistic horizons in the world of Canvas. Whether you're a seasoned artist in the game or just starting, this expansion promises to enrich your experience and inspire your creativity.

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