Castle Falkenstein: Book of Sigils

R. Talsorian Games

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The infamous Book of Sigils, penned by rogue sorcerer Anthony Savile, reveals the secrets of the world's Magickal Orders to you, the reader. Anthony Savile paid the ultimate price for writing this book. What price are you willing to pay to read it?

The following Secrets are contained within:

  • Thirty new Sorcerous Orders
  • Thirty-six new Sorcerous Lorebooks
  • Rules for creating new Sorcerous Orders
  • Rules for creating new Sorcerous Lore
  • Details on the Rules of Orders and Chapterhouses
  • Rules for blood magick, curses, magickal foci, and sympathetic magick.
  • Rules covering the Animated Dead, Ghosts, and Spirits

All contained within these pages, taken wholesale from the unexpurgated notes written by Anthony Savile on his world-wide journey of discovery, lavishly illustrated throughout. A wealth of information for the curious and the students of sorcery.