Charty Party

Named by the Daily Dot as the Number 1 game to play when you're tired of Cards Against Humanity, Charty Party offers a unique and hilarious twist on party board games for adults. This game challenges players to interpret 44 absurd chart cards, creating a riot of laughter and fun at your next game night.

Playing Charty Party is straightforward. A player picks a chart card, and everyone else submits a Y-axis card from their hand that best answers the question, "What's this chart about?" The player with the funniest or most clever response wins the round.

The Party Gamecast raves, "I was in the camp of why would you even buy this. I played it and it’s super fun. I really like it. It won me over completely." The game includes 44 chart cards, 250 hilarious Y-axis cards, and instructions, all printed on high-quality, glossy cards and packed in a custom box.

Please note, Charty Party is rated PG13. While the jokes tend to be more clever than offensive, there are some cards that may not be suitable for all audiences.

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