Citadel Base Paint (12ml)

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Abaddon Black
Averland Sunset
Balthasar Gold
Bugman's Glow
Caledor Sky
Caliban Green
Catachan Fleshtone
Celestra Grey
Corax White
Death Guard Green
Deathworld Forest
Ionrach Skin
Kantor Blue
Khorne Red
Macragge Blue
Mechanicus Standard Grey
Mephiston Red
Mournfang Brown
Naggaroth Night
Retributor Armour
Rhinox Hide
Screaming Bell
Steel Legion Drab
Stegadon Scale Green
The Fang
Waaagh! Flesh
Zandri Dust
Citadel Base paints are the foundation of the Classic Method of painting. The high pigment count of these paints means they provide excellent coverage, giving you a base of rich colour to paint over.