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Product Overview:
Enter the mystical universe of Cosmoctopus, where the omnipotent gaze of the Great Inky One beckons. Do you possess the devotion to become its most fervent disciple?

Cosmoctopus is a captivating engine-building, tentacle-collecting board game tailored for 1 to 4 players. Navigate through the ever-shifting Inky Realm, strategizing with an array of tiles, amassing resources, and securing powerful cards that embody relics, scriptures, vivid hallucinations, and constellations. Weave together the enigma of these otherworldly items, formulate compelling card combos, and be the first to claim 8 tentacles, emerging victorious!

Your journey may start simple, but the thrill unravels as you explore the myriad ways to optimize your hand of cards. Dive straight into the excitement, as Cosmoctopus ensures you’re upgrading and enhancing your strategy right from the get-go. With its variable setup, customizable difficulty, and optional solo or co-op modes, Cosmoctopus promises a diverse and immersive board game experience for every kind of gamer.

Box Contents:

  • 1 Cosmoctopus Head Miniature: The centerpiece of your quest.
  • 29 Tentacle Miniatures: The symbol of devotion and the key to victory.
  • 88 Devotee Cards: Harness the powers of the devoted.
  • 4 First Contact Cards: Your initiation into the Great Inky One's mysteries.
  • 12 Private Investigator Cards: Navigate challenges with these insights.
  • 4 Reference Cards: Your guide to mastering the game's mechanics.
  • 96 Wooden Resource Tokens: Consisting of Coins, Ink, Stars, and Whispers to fuel your journey.
  • 12 Inky Realm Tiles: Build the mystical world with each game.
  • 4 Forbidden Knowledge Tiles: Unlock secrets that can change the course of the game.
  • 4 Summoning Tiles: Call upon celestial powers in pivotal moments.
  • 11 Gameplay Tokens: Essential for tracking in-game events.
  • 1 Lore Sheet/Icon Guide: Dive deeper into the narrative.
  • Rulebook: Your comprehensive guide to mastering Cosmoctopus.

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