Defiant RPG Core Rulebook (Hardcover)

Defiant RPG is a groundbreaking urban fantasy role-playing game where you take on the role of powerful supernatural beings who have chosen to protect the world rather than destroy it. As a member of the Defiant aristocracy, you enforce strict rules to power protective seals around your cities, creating the only safe havens in a world devastated by the Apocalypse.

In this game, players become Defiant blue-bloods, leading a supernatural society of fallen angels, demons, ancient gods, and dragons. You are formidable rulers with your own holdings, such as clubs or luxurious mansions, and loyal subjects.

The Defiant RPG rulebook is packed with features for an immersive gaming experience:

  • Complete game rules for engaging gameplay in the world of Defiant
  • Comprehensive description of the captivating Defiant universe
  • Two robust Game Master chapters focusing on preparing and running the game, with Basic and Advanced rules
  • Ready-to-play Province with dozens of NPCs, locations, and two Story Arcs
  • Playable origins: Angels, Deava, Infernals, and Leviathans
  • 20 Personal Themes with various traits, theme questions, and special powers
  • 9 Marital Themes with guidelines on how to navigate the chosen marriage
  • 9 Court Themes with multiple subjects to govern and issues to address
  • 12 Great Houses the characters may originate from, each with unique Creeds and Sacred Traditions
  • 6 Holding Themes for customizing your character's home

Game rules emphasize player choice and narrative development:

  • Successes and failures always come with additional outcomes such as choices, obstacles, bonuses, or unexpected benefits.
  • Players can influence the story using Theme Questions related to their chosen themes.
  • Characters have descriptive Traits instead of Skills or Attributes, which players can use creatively.

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