Root: The Roleplaying Game - Deck of Denizens

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Expand your Root: The Roleplaying Game experience with the Deck of Denizens, a supplement that introduces you to the myriad characters inhabiting the Woodland. This fully-illustrated 55-card deck features pre-made Woodland denizen NPCs, bringing villains, leaders, innocents, and everyone in between to your gaming table.

Each card in the Deck of Denizens is meticulously designed with new art by Kyle Ferrin and includes stats, personality traits, and game-ready requests for the vagabonds. As your band of vagabonds ventures across the Woodland, these cards will help you generate dynamic encounters and weave intricate narratives, adding depth and richness to your RPG sessions.

The Deck of Denizens is a fantastic tool for players and Game Masters alike, providing a ready source of inspiration and a practical way to populate the Woodland with memorable characters. Please note, this supplement requires the core game to play. Add the Deck of Denizens to your Root RPG arsenal for more immersive and engaging storytelling!