Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook

Embrace the thrilling world of modern-day roleplaying with Everyday Heroes™. Based on the renowned d20 Modern system and meticulously updated for the 5th edition by the original designers, this game system offers a fantastic experience for gaming enthusiasts. From the exhilaration of blockbuster action movies to the tactical nuances of first-person shooter games, Everyday Heroes offers a plethora of opportunities and challenges for your tabletop sessions. Features include car chases, computer hacking, radiation hazards, and gunplay, ensuring every game is packed with action. With flexible rules for creating contemporary characters - from tough soldiers to ingenious inventors and malevolent masterminds, this system offers almost limitless possibilities for present-day plotlines. This comprehensive Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook serves both Gamemasters and Players, transporting the ease of the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game into the modern era. This singular rulebook is all you need to explore and play the contents of all our officially licensed movie franchise games.

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