Everyday Heroes: Total Recall - A Cinematic Adventure

Note: This product requires the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook to play.

Product Overview:

Step into the future, the year 2084, where humanity's reach spans the entire solar system. "Everyday Heroes: Total Recall - A Cinematic Adventure" plunges you into a world of limitless possibilities. From interplanetary cruise ships that cater to the elite, to Rekall—the groundbreaking company that promises the thrill of the universe, minus the cost and danger. Choose your path, be it in the resistance, the corporate world, or as a mutant with powers unknown. As you navigate this mind-bending terrain, challenge your reality. Are you living a genuine experience or are you a puppet to an implanted memory?

What's Inside:

  • Choices Galore: Pledge allegiance to the resistance or play the corporate game.
  • Evolve: Embrace mutations and gain powers like telepathy, shapeshifting, or even an extra strong arm.
  • Mars Mysteries: As a Martian Gadgeteer, unearth artifacts that hold immense power.
  • Mind Games: Enter the role of the Mind Doctor. Implant or erase memories.
  • Reality Check: Decide if the universe you're in is real or a fabrication by Rekall Technologies.

The Cool Factor:
The Total Recall universe is teeming with adventures. Break the chains of Mars from authoritarian rulers or dive deep into the vastness of space. Battle mutants, unearth extraterrestrial tech, and solve mysteries. But, there's a twist—could it all be a figment of your imagination? A memory implant? Dive in to find out.

About This Book:
"Everyday Heroes: Total Recall" is a 128-page cinematic adventure that allows game masters and players alike to immerse in the Total Recall universe. The book offers:

  • New tools for game masters.
  • Brand-new Classes like the Resistance Fighter.
  • Unique Backgrounds like Rekall Adjusted.
  • Special Professions like Martian Researcher.
  • Mechanics to mutate and enhance characters.
  • And a captivating adventure named "The Enemy is Us."

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