Factions: Battlegrounds

Embark on a thrilling 2-4 player adventure in Graviterrus, a perilous land inhabited by 8 warring factions. Assume the role of a general for your chosen faction and outmaneuver your rivals to secure victory.

Select from various distinct factions and command their units, including warriors, monsters, and spellcasters. Every faction boasts unique attributes, abilities, and spells, catering to your preferred playstyle and aiding in vanquishing opposing forces.

Construct a one-of-a-kind battleground with each playthrough using Terrain Tiles. The placement of these tiles contributes to your overall strategy, offering advantages for you and hindrances for your adversaries.

Devise your winning approach with nearly all options available from the outset. Engage in air, ground, and sea combat while casting spells and utilizing diverse abilities. The outcome hinges on your choices and strategies, not randomness.

Factions: Battlegrounds sets itself apart through its RANK system, RISK/REWARD scoring, tile-based battleground creation, constant player engagement, and a strong emphasis on representing various global cultures, mythologies, and folklore.

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