Fiasco Expansion Pack: Join the Cult

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These heartwarming playsets prove that intentional family is the best family! Play the beautiful and soulless, influence-obsessed occupants of Prestige House, or the beautiful and soulless, yogurt-obsessed occupants of Rainbow Mountain. Hugs all around!

Murder at the Prestige House
by Banana Chan
Alright, we all know that clout equals cash. Here at the Prestige House, we’ll do anything for our audience to hit those like, share, and subscribe buttons. Do you have what it takes collab with Prestige House?

Rainbow Mountain
by Jason Morningstar
Rainbow Mountain is more than a place—it is an idea. Called back to the land, escaping toxic cities and a diseased way of life, residents seek to build utopia on a few perfect acres of mountain land, far from the troubles of the modern world. Of course, trouble has a way of sniffing out the fault lines of power, sex and ambition no matter where you go.

Requires Fiasco (box set) to play.