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Discover the secrets of the Lost Tome of Monsters and bring its stories to life on your tabletop with this exclusive collection by Foam Brain Games.

Mimic Themed Collection

This unique pack features items themed around the deceptive monster, the Mimic! The set includes:

  • 3 oversized enamel Pins
  • 1 matching slightly oversized metal D20
  • 1 matching encounter card

D20 Details

Each D20 is a slightly oversized metal die with a custom 20-side design and an exquisite enamel finish.


Pinatures are an innovative fusion of enamel pins and miniatures, perfect for use in fantasy RPGs! The lost tome's page flips down to form the base of the miniature, designed to fit on a standard 1" grid battlemat.

Themed Encounter Card

Every box includes a themed encounter card suitable for your favorite RPG. The card features a small encounter and adventure hooks to seamlessly integrate the experience into your game.