Gate Keeper Games - Game Master Assist Dice

Enter a new level of gaming preparedness with Bards & Cards Game Shop's Game Master Assist Dice by Gate Keeper Games. These specialty dice sets are meticulously designed to aid Game Masters in preparing spontaneous adventures, bringing creativity and fluidity to your gaming table.

Crafted from 20 years of GM experience, the Game Master Assist Dice includes 10 oversized, color-coded dice to facilitate the seven most critical randomization aspects GMs face. These dice cut down on gameplay time while amplifying the gaming experience's creativity, making chart references a thing of the past.

The set includes the following:

  1. Random Encounter Dice: These purple dice instantly suggest encounter difficulty and state.
  2. NPC Attitude: This yellow die diversifies NPC personalities, making interactions more engaging.
  3. Hit Location: These white dice, in conjunction with the Modifier d10, add flavor to your critical hits.
  4. Critical Effect: This red die determines the unique effect of a critical hit.
  5. Trap/Element Type: This brown die adds variety to traps and elemental damage types.
  6. Weather: This blue die generates a balanced array of weather types, adding ambiance to your adventure.
  7. Loot Size: This gold die randomizes loot size and type, adding a touch of excitement to your battles.

All dice are made of high-impact resin, using Gate Keeper Games' advanced manufacturing technique that prevents air-bubbles from forming inside. They are indeed the heaviest, densest, and most well-balanced resin dice on the planet.

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