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Bards & Cards Game Shop presents a thrilling adventure for the adventurous gamers: The Mystery Dice Set by Gate Keeper Games. It's an exhilarating dice purchase where you save money and get a surprise premium resin dice set!

Both the 7-Die and 11-Die mystery sets are meticulously designed by Gate Keeper Games, valued between $14.95-$25.95. With over 120 possible designs for the 7-die sets and over 70 for the 11-die sets, the mystery is just as exciting as the game itself.

What's guaranteed is that you will receive no secondhand or resell sets, no cheap acrylic plastic dice with air bubbles. Only premium, high-impact resin dice that are the heaviest, densest, and most well-balanced on the planet. All dice within a single set will match, ensuring you have a complete, coordinated set to enhance your game.

Each set comes mystery bagged, adding to the suspense and delight. With Gate Keeper Games' assurance of free replacement parts for most products and a commitment to complete satisfaction, take a chance on the Mystery Dice Set. Uncover the surprise that awaits you!