I'm Right You're Wrong - A Light Strategy Game About Arguments!

  • FUN & FAST-PACED. It takes just 2-20 mins to play. We recommend 2-5 players.
  • INTRODUCTION TO STRATEGY GAMES - Bridges the gap between beginner and experienced players.
  • SURVIVE YOURSELF - Be the last player standing with cards in your hand (and therefore right). Most cards are self-punishing, making this a game of survival. Change your fortunes by being nice. Or, shoot yourself in the foot by being mean.
  • PORTABLE - All you need are friends and a small space. Take it camping, to the beach or Uncle Bob’s doomsday bunker.
  • CASUALLY EDUCATIONAL - Teaches you social consequences in a fun and unique way.
  • Thousands of copies sold. Funded within 60 min on Kickstarter.

Jab Publishing Ltd. SKU: JAB-IRYW Barcode: 860006025847

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