Jiggles & Wiggles, by Philip Reed: Gelatinous Cubes Rule!

The front side of Jiggles & Wiggles gives the GM d20 ideas for what a gelatinous cube might be doing when the heroes encounter it in the dungeon.

The reverse-side of Jiggles & Wiggles includes over 120 different things you may find inside a gelatinous cube.

This 29.44" x 15.72" full-color, double-sided pocket map folds down to 4.21" x 5.75" in size. Featuring cardstock front and back "covers," each adhered to the map, this unusual format work isn't for everyone. If you suffer from OCD and need your game supplements to align neatly on the shelf, flee now!

If you are adventurous, though, and a fan of odd print items, you definitely want this one in your collection!

Philip Reed SKU: PHLR-JIGWIG Barcode: 72778663

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