Labyrinth: Team Edition


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Delve into the constantly shifting world of Labyrinth: Team Edition. In this unique game, players flip through Daedalus' spellbook, learning about the obstacles he's set in their path. Utilize your magic, shift the walls, and find all the hidden treasures before the final page is turned. Only then can you claim victory!

Regarded as one of Ravensburger's classic board games, Labyrinth has captivated players for over three decades. With its distinct game mechanism, it has evolved into a celebrated family game concept with over 60 versions worldwide.

Engage in a game of ever-changing paths and moving walls as you aim to collect all your treasures. Use strategy and foresight to carve a clear path to your riches, but beware – the paths are perpetually changing! With its blend of magic and mystery, this game promises an aMAZEing, enchanting experience for all.