Looney Tunes Mayhem


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Get ready for some chaotic fun with Looney Tunes Mayhem! Acme has dropped off a special delivery of PAIN, and your favorite Looney Tunes characters are ready to bonk, bash, and smack their way to victory. In this action-packed game, players team up with two Toons to face off against their opponents. Each character comes with unique equipment and abilities, making every match unpredictable and exciting. Roll the Mayhem Die to see how much damage will be dealt each round, and race to collect 5 Victory Points (VPs) to win the game.

Looney Tunes Mayhem includes 10 location tiles, 4 activation dice, 1 mayhem die, 4 character dashboards, 2 punchboards, 22 mayhem cards, 4 counter bases, and 4 pre-painted highly detailed miniatures. Knocked out Toons come back next round, keeping the action intense and ongoing. Perfect for fans of all ages, this game brings the wild antics of Looney Tunes to your tabletop.