Monsterpocalypse - Planet Eaters Monster: Gorghadra

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Gorghadra has led the Planet Eaters on a crusade across the galaxy that has consumed countless worlds. When this galactic plague arrived at Earth, there was no reason to expect anything other than trifling resistance; however, the planet houses many secrets—some unknowable terrors and others, stalwart defenders. Gorghadra was not prepared for what came next as the Monsterpocalpyse began and massive battles between terrible enemies sprung up across the globe. Despite this setback, Gorghadra knows all will be consumed by the Planet Eaters. It is inevitable.

Gorghadra is a monster with an aggressive playstyle that can join any Destroyers force. Gorghadra is the incarnation of ruin, often Demolishing anything in its path. Their Unearthly Rage pushes it ever forward to Annihilate any trace of resistance. Gorghadra was previously only available in the Destroyers starter set, so with that set being phased out, this model is now available on its own.

Minis are supplied unpainted.