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Embark on a journey with a lost arcane tome, where each page unveils a monster's tale ready to leap onto your tabletop...

Foam Brain Games joyfully unveils their latest Mystery Loot adventure, the Lost Tome of Monsters! Each magical loot pack is filled with matching items starring a specific, fantastical monster!

  • Roll in style with a slightly oversized, enchanting metal D20, featuring a one-of-a-kind 20-side design and a mesmerizing enamel finish.
  • Every package includes a themed encounter perfect for your favorite RPG, brimming with a small encounter and imaginative adventure hooks to keep the excitement going in your epic quest.
  • Assemble your monstrous horde by collecting all 18 creatures! Each monster is accompanied by 1 of 2 encounter card variations, for a grand total of 36 thrilling possible encounters!
  • Pinatures magically merge the allure of enamel pins with the functionality of miniatures for use in fantasy RPGs! Witness the lost tome's page transform into the base of the miniature, expertly crafted to fit on a standard 1" grid battlemat.