Pandemic: In the Lab

In the Lab, an enthralling expansion for the renowned board game Pandemic, takes your disease-fighting adventures to new heights. It demands the base Pandemic game and On the Brink expansion to play, offering more variety and challenge as you endeavor to contain deadly disease outbreaks worldwide. Journey across the board, collect samples of each disease, and use the Lab board to sequence, characterize, and test your cures. Innovative medical technology is at your fingertips, with two lab dishes ready to receive sample cubes when you take the Treat Disease action. When enough samples are collected, you can retreat behind bio-hazard doors, send samples through a centrifuge and separator, and place them on sequence cards to discover a cure.

In the Lab introduces the Lab Challenge and two game variants for a fresh take on the Pandemic experience. Engage in a solo game, depending solely on your strategies and the CDC's help, or split into rival teams, vying for prestige as you race to cure and eradicate diseases. Along with four new Role cards, three new Event cards, and challenges you can combine with the On the Brink expansion, In the Lab enriches the Pandemic world with countless new possibilities.

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