Root The Roleplaying Game: Clearing Booklet

Venture into the heart of the Woodland with the Root The Roleplaying Game: Clearing Booklet. This essential guide provides detailed descriptions and unique rules for four diverse clearings—Hookfoot Bog, Sixtoe Stand, Limmery Post, and Coolclaw Mine. Each clearing is ripe with its own conflicts, key residents (with stats), and special locations that will challenge and intrigue vagabonds of all kinds.

Navigate the swampy marshes of Hookfoot Bog as its denizens grapple with the imposing rule of the Marquisate. Witness the legendary folk of Sixtoe Stand as they decide which faction to support in the ongoing war. Assist the Woodland Alliance in securing Limmery Post as a new base, or face the potential insurrection brewing in the lucrative Coolclaw Mine due to a food shortage.

Perfect for either one-shot adventures or as part of a larger campaign, these clearings are teeming with opportunities for vagabonds to make their mark. Remember, the Woodland needs vagabonds, and these clearings could be the perfect place for your character to prove their worth!

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