Root: The Roleplaying Game - GM Accessory Pack

Elevate your game mastering experience with the Root: The Roleplaying Game GM Accessory Pack. This pack includes a trifold GM screen and two custom notepads, designed to streamline your game management and enhance the immersion of your campaign.

The GM Screen is a trifold accessory, each fold measuring approximately 8"x8" for a total length of 24". It serves as a handy reference guide during gameplay, featuring essential tools, tables, and information for running the game. Adorned with captivating vagabond art by Kyle Ferrin, this screen is not only a valuable game tool but also a visual treat.

The Woodland & Clearing Notepads are 8"x8" custom notepads with pull-off sheets to help you keep track of your campaign. The Clearing Pad includes 50 individual double-sided sheets for tracking different clearings, while the Woodland Pad offers 30 double-sided sheets to map the entirety of the Woodland.

This GM Accessory Pack is an essential tool for every Root RPG Game Master, designed to ease game management and enhance the overall gaming experience. Note that the core game is required to utilize these accessories.

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