"Rosenstrasse" is a poignant and immersive roleplaying game that delves into the grim realities of life under the Third Reich. Set in 1933 Berlin as the Nazi party consolidates power, this game explores the emotional and societal impact on mixed marriages between Jewish and "Aryan" Germans. Over the course of a decade, players experience the tightening grip of racial policies that strip away liberties and dignity. The narrative reaches a crucial moment when Jewish men are seized for deportation, and their Aryan spouses face a final, desperate chance to save them through a historic act of resistance at Rosenstrasse. Designed for 2-4 players and one facilitator, the game can be conducted as a tabletop RPG or a semi-live larp, making it accessible without prior historical knowledge. Ideal for Holocaust education, this deluxe boxed set includes a Director's Guide, character cards, a themed deck, risk tokens, star patches, and postcards, providing a deeply educational and moving experience.

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