SATANIMALS: Annihilation Expansion

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The SATANIMALS saga continues with the Annihilation Expansion! Dark omens foretell the slow arrival of the world-devouring Annihilator. Will your offerings at the Altar be enough to appease this mighty force, or will the prophecy reveal a Chosen One among your ranks?

The Annihilation Expansion adds an exciting new dimension to the SATANIMALS universe. It includes a physical altar where players can place their offerings in a desperate bid to summon the Annihilator. Be prepared to roll the Demonic Die and face your fate!

This expansion also introduces Cultists, a new element that can be added to your petting zoo. Choose to sacrifice your Cultists or take the risk and hope that one of them might be the prophesied Chosen One.

With the inclusion of a custom-engraved Demonic Die, a screen-printed wooden Planet Token, an Annihilator Card, 8 Cultist Cards, 8 Prophecy Cards, and an Altar to an Alternate Dimension, the SATANIMALS: Annihilation Expansion adds a fresh layer of strategy and suspense to your gameplay. Can you survive the Annihilation?