Stat Trackers Core Set for D&D 5th Edition

Elevate your game with the Stat Trackers Core Set for D&D 5th Edition, the ultimate tool for every Dungeon Master! This set revolutionizes your gameplay, allowing you to hang essential stats right over your DM screen. Say goodbye to the hassle of flipping through books or switching tabs. The core set includes 317 pre-printed Monster Trackers featuring both official monsters and NPCs, designed for clarity and ease by a seasoned DM. Also included are 50 blank Monster Trackers and 50 Character Trackers to personalize your experience. Organize everything in a sturdy box with custom tabs. Printed on durable card stock, these trackers are designed for quick folding and placement. With Stat Trackers, everyone at the table can visually follow the turn order while the DM has every vital stat, attack, and ability at a glance. Make your sessions smoother, faster, and more engaging!

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