Tales From the Loop: The Board Game + Expansions Bundle

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Delve into the captivating world of Simon Stalenhag's Tales From the Loop with the ultimate Board Game and Expansions Bundle! This comprehensive package includes Tales From the Loop: The Board Game, the Invasive Species Scenario, and the Runaway Scenario Pack, offering an immersive and thrilling gaming experience for 1-5 players.

In Tales From the Loop - The Board Game, players assume the roles of kids investigating mysteries originating from the Loop, a massive underground science facility causing bizarre phenomena in the surrounding suburban landscapes. Cooperate with your fellow players to uncover the secrets of the Loop while making sure to return home in time for dinner!

The Invasive Species Scenario adds a prehistoric twist to your gameplay, as players explore a new scenario featuring the Gorgosaurus. This expansion includes a meticulously sculpted Gorgosaurus miniature, as well as additional cards and sheets to enhance your game.

The Runaway Scenario Pack introduces a mysterious machine and a thrilling new scenario as black vans and agents in suits swarm the area around the Loop. This expansion pack provides a carefully sculpted Runaway miniature, along with all the cards and sheets required to expand your game.

All components of the bundle fit perfectly into the core game box, making it the perfect all-inclusive package for fans of Tales From the Loop!