Tidal Blades: Banner Festival

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As flags of all colors dance in the wind, dive into the vibrant world of Trawl in the Banner Festival board game. Join the Navirians in this thrilling trading game where your goal is to generate the highest profits for your trading house by selling goods, creating alliances with suppliers, and placing bets on watercraft races. The floating market is teeming with opportunities, but only the sharpest trader will triumph. Each turn, you'll strive to play the highest, mid, or lowest Merchandise card to unlock varied actions. Gain the upper hand over your competitors using multi-use cards in dynamic trick-taking rounds. There are many roads to victory, but the secret to success lies in understanding your opponents and timing your moves precisely. All of this is set in the breathtaking world of Tidal Blades, created by Mr. Cuddington. The game includes 1 Game Board, 20 Goya Star Fruit, 1 Trade Gate, 70 Wooden Banners, 35 Character Cards, 5 Watercraft Meeples, and 40 Merchandise Cards.