Titans Terrain - Overgrown Capitol Set

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Titans Terrain is an innovative pop-up terrain set designed for games of Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar and more. Each set comes with 12 square tiles that pop-up to instantly create a 45”x60” board. You can also rearrange the tiles to create hundreds of unique battlefields in just seconds.

The most affordable

Costs up to 10x less than buying a full table of plastic terrain kits.

Ready out of the box

No assembly, no painting, just pop-up and play right out of the box.

Easy storage

Takes up only the space of a typical board game on your shelf.

Instant setup

Create hundreds of battlefields in seconds and start playing.

Balanced & Dynamic

Designed by Warhammer experts to create fun and balanced games.

Beautiful & detailed

A beautifully crafted overgrown city setting designed for 40k.

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