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Welcome to our enchanting collection of candles, where magic meets ambiance. At Bards & Cards, we offer a diverse range of candles designed to enhance your gaming sessions, reading nooks, or relaxation time. Explore our exclusive Cantrip Candles, each inspired by mythical patrons and deities, crafted with unique scents that transport you to otherworldly realms. From the mystical essence of Ozul, The Sentient Forge to the serene light of Abella, Goddess of Rebirth, there’s a candle for every adventurer.

Our selection also includes other nerdy candles, perfect for fans of fantasy, sci-fi, and everything in between. Whether you’re summoning the power of ancient gods, embarking on a quest, or simply creating a cozy atmosphere, our candles are the perfect companions. Hand-poured with fine fragrance oils and natural soy wax, each candle promises a long-lasting burn and an immersive sensory experience.

Light up your world with our candles and let the adventure begin!

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