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Welcome to the mystical world of Dragon Roast Coffee, where every blend tells a story and every sip is an adventure. Our exclusive collection features four unique roasts, each with its own character and tale: Druid Roast, Monk Roast, Necromancer Roast, and Paladin Roast. From the light and fruity notes of Ethiopia in our Druid Roast to the dark, smoky whispers of Sumatra in our Necromancer Roast, we've traversed the globe to bring you the finest beans and most enchanting flavors. Whether you seek the tranquility of our decaf Monk Roast or the noble spirit of our Paladin Roast from Peru, our selection promises a magical journey for every palate. Join us at Bards & Cards and let our Dragon Roast Coffee collection awaken your senses, inspire your adventures, and guide you through the realms of taste and aroma. Embark on a quest for the perfect cup today!